State of the Company

■Overview (as of March. 31, 2023)
Founded May 11, 1924
Incorporated  November 21, 1939
Capital  ¥11,829 million

Share capital

Issued and outstanding
(Not including 603,272 shares of treasury stock)
Closing date
March 31,each year.
Number of shareholders
Number of employees

Consolidated 4,576

Japan 1,182
China 1,880
Other Asian Countries 1,061
Europe and the Americas 453
Consolidated net sales  ¥107,993 million (2023/3)
Consolidated ordinary income  ¥4,329 million (2023/3)     for more financial information

■Board Directors (as of November 1, 2023)
Representative Director, President  Masahiro Asada
Director    Yusaku Hashiguchi
Director    Shoichi Saito
Director    Yohei Tamura
Lead Outside Director Audit and Supervisory Committee Member    Akira Kubota
Outside Director  Audit & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member    Haruko Shibumura
Outside Director  Audit & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member    Masashi Imamura
Outside Director  Audit & Audit and Supervisory Committee Member    Akiko Toyoda
Audit & Supervisory Board Member    Yuji Yokoyama

■Officers (as of November 1, 2023)
President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer  Masahiro Asada
Managing Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer  Yusaku Hashiguchi
Senior Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer    Shoichi Saito
Senior Executive Officer    Seiji Shibata
Senior Executive Officer    Yuji Nakayama
Senior Executive Officer    Mitsutaka Nakamura
Senior Executive Officer    Ryo Nakatsu
Executive Officer    Seigen Kohakura
Executive Officer    Kenichi Kamiyama
Executive Officer    Kazuyoshi Ishida
Executive Officer    Naoya Kakiuchi
Executive Officer    Ryo Ito
Executive Officer    Iksoung Kim
Executive Officer    Jun Bamoto
Executive Officer    Sachiyo Nishie
Executive Officer    Yohei Tamura
Executive Officer    Shunsuke Wakabayashi
Executive Officer    Seiichi Tajima
Executive Officer    Marco Puliti
Executive Officer    Nanase Mizuma
Fellow    Tatsuya Kiyota
Fellow    Hirotoshi Aoki
Executive Advisor    Naoki Tamura