Introduction of Materials Exhibited at IPC APEX EXPO 2015

TAMURA Corporation (Headquarters: Nerima Ward, Tokyo; President: Naoki Tamura) participated in IPC APEX EXPO 2015 held in the United States between February 24 and 26, 2015.

Our entry into the electronic chemicals business was marked by the successful development of soldering flux, and since then, we have developed completely different materials, such as bonding materials and insulating materials. By using original technologies accumulated through the years, we have developed the SAM series bonding materials. At IPC APEX EXPO 2015, we introduced various types of bonding and insulating materials intended for smartphones, wearable products, on-board equipment, and semiconductors, with focus on the SAM series


Bonding materials

Lead-free solder paste for fine pitch printing "LF SOLDER TLF-G, TLF-F & GP -F Series"
As lead-free solder paste products for fine pitch printing, these materials prevent BGA head-on-pillow defects and feature high wettability for shielding materials by using fine particles and antioxidant flux technology.

Thanks to its proprietary flux component, the new "Type 5" solder paste has higher wettability and less viscosity change than conventional materials, making it the perfect material for CSP, BGA, and other packages as well as for fine pitch and high-density SMT.

Lead-free solder paste for fine pitch printing "LFSOLDER TLF-204G-HF"

This lead-free solder paste for fine pitch printing achieves narrow-pitch and high-density mounting with fine particles of solder powder and antioxidant flux technology. Compatible with CSP, BGA, 0402, and 0201 chips, it is suitable for fine-component mounting design.

Point soldering material "LSM Series"
The LSM Series is developed for rapid-heating soldering methods, such as lasers and halogen lamps. It is halogen-free. The new flux technology minimizes flux scattering due to rapid heating, and at the same time, suppresses the spread of flux residue. Two types of alloys, SAC305 and tin-bismuth with a low melting point, are applicable.

Low-temperature conductive bonding materials "SAM Series"
The SAM Series is composed of conductive bonding materials that realize a metallic joint and reinforcement by resin at the same time. It enables joining at temperatures as low as 150 to 160℃. Two types are available. Because it makes low-temperature joining possible, SAM10 is used for joining parts to a mobile equipment board where warping due to high temperature is a problem. The method of application includes screen printing and dispenser coating.

A new SAM32 bonding material for realizing anisotropic conductivity is "SAM32-401F-11," which can support a narrow pitch of 50 × 50. As the new material is capable of bonding at low temperature and low pressure (1 MPa), enables connection to not only Au land but also Cu land, and is repairable, it is suitable for joining terminals between FPC and PWB.

High-reliability solder paste for crack resistance of flux residue "LF SOLDER TLF-204-GTS-VR1"
It is a lead-free solder paste material that resists cracking of flux residue even at extreme temperatures, making it applicable to automotive equipment and outdoor equipment in cold climates. Type 5 has been added for fine pitch mounting. Further, we exhibited a material that is robust to bending and impact when used for fine patterns by combining high-flexibility resin, and is intended for the manufacture of wearable products.

In addition, we displayed a low-void solder paste for vacuum reflow, which suppresses void generation and is therefore suitable for connection of power semiconductor heat sinks.

Insulating materials

Solder resist for FPC PAF series
Transparent and flexible insulating materials "JIM/TOM Series"
Ink-jet (JIM), screen printing (TOM) support. A thickness of 2µm, which is thinner than film material, 99% transmittance (@550nm), and a haze value less than or equal to 1 are achieved. It can also be used for adhesion of polyimide and PET films.

FPC "PAF Series"
Solder resist for FPC "PAF Series" The solder resist for FPC "PAF Series" is halogen-free and available in many colors. It is flexible and has shape retention properties. It is suitable for wearable products and has a flame retardancy of VTM-0 equivalent. We have added three new colors: gold, silver, and pink, to offer even more choices aside from the existing colors.

We also exhibited thesolder resis APB series. With its black color and matte texture, it is possible to hide wiring.

Flux products
By replacing the rosin (residue material) with newly developed material, we have introduced two ultra-low residue types of flux, "LCF-05" and "LCF-01TR-1," which leave 60% less flux compared to conventional products. We also exhibited post-flux "EC-31" for non-silver content solder material and high-reliability flux with high electrical insulation properties, such as "GLF-01."

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