Ideal situation in 2050 and materiality (key issues)

At Tamura Group, we identified our ideal situation and materiality for sustainability in 2050 in May 2022.

At the Tamura Group, in addition to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by promoting CSR in the areas of “environment,” “human rights and labor,” “quality,” “social contribution,” “compliance,” “risk management,” and “information management,” we aim to achieve sustainable growth by clarifying the Group's vision from a long-term perspective and by strategically addressing sustainability issues. As part of these efforts, we set the year 2050 as our target, discussed how we should face and approach various social issues, and identified materiality concerning sustainability in May 2021.
Furthermore, in formulating our 13th Medium-Term Management Plan for 2022, we have set our ideal situation for 2050 as our long-term vision, based on our founding spirit and corporate philosophy, with the aim of becoming “a leading company for realizing a decarbonized society that is highly valued in the global electronics market.”
In addition, we reviewed materiality based on issues related to business, the environment and society, and stakeholders, and set management indicators and targets for FY2024 in conjunction with our Medium-Term Management Plan.

Tamura Group’s materiality and goals

*Adjust the FY2013 standard values according to the situation of each plant and evaluate reduction efforts appropriately.    

The Process of Identifying Materiality

Progress of sustainability strategy
We are steadily implementing measures to achieve job satisfaction and a decarbonized society, and are making progress toward our goals. Regarding greenhouse gas reduction, we have achieved a 100% renewable energy usage rate at our five major domestic locations (Head Office, Sakado, Iruma, Sayama, and Kodama), making significant progress toward our goal. Additionally, as part of our work satisfaction reforms, we promoted a psychological safety program with the participation of in-house volunteers and conducted our first global employee engagement survey.
The progress of each KPI is as follows.

Future Efforts and Initiatives
We expect major changes in the business environment to continue, including global environmental changes, geopolitical changes, technological advancements and the increasing importance of human capital.
The Tamura Group will view these changes in the business environment as an opportunity and proactively respond to them, and will come together as a company to confront the uncertain future while deepening the integration of our sustainability and business strategies toward the realization of our ideal situation in 2050.