• Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

To cultivate happiness among people, the Tamura Group strives to be your one and only company by extracting unique and superior corporate strengths and continuously providing products and service that delight our customers and society.

Corporate Philosophy

Tamura's founding spirit of “Supplying customers with the world best products” is expressed in the phrase “the one and only company,” upheld as the corporate slogan representing Tamura's management philosophy. In April 2000, the Tamura Group Mission, structured into three tiers with Mission at the top, was established to be positioned alongside Vision and Guidelines. The Tamura Group Mission embodies “the desire to be a global company that is accepted by the international community” and “a source of pride for its employees and keeps the dream alive.”
In January 2007, the Tamura Group Code of Conduct was instituted to outline the standards of thought and action to be adhered to in day-to-day activities that are envisioned in the Tamura Group Mission guidelines. In March 2014, the Tamura Group revised its Code of Conduct to stipulate the Group's fundamental policy of giving due respect to the seven principles stated in ISO 26000, which provides Guidance on Social Responsibility, and pursuing seven core subjects. Further, in October 2018, the Group stipulated the fundamental policy for achieving SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and identified SDGs as one of the priority issues to be worked on by the entire Group.


The Tamura Group supplies an original range of products and services, highly regarded in the global electronics market, to satisfy the evolving needs of customers, employees and shareholders supporting the Group's growth.


1. The management of the Tamura Group is based on businesses related to the requirements of the global electronics industry.

2. The business of the Tamura Group is based on technologies that support rapidly diversifying customer needs, with a special focus on high market value.

3. The Tamura Group evaluates its employees with fairness and highly rates excellent performance and exceptional productivity.

4. The Tamura Group is a responsible member of the global community and respects the laws and customs of the countries in which it conducts business activities.

5. The Tamura Group strives to protect the global environment, conserve natural resources and promote recycling.


1. We attach great importance to partnership.
We strive to attain the goals of individuals, as well as the group, by conducting our business affairs in an exemplary manner. We also endeavor to monitor market needs in real time with the aim of improving our own skills while enhancing customers' expectations.

2. We attach great importance to nurturing a spirit of creativity.
To prosper in the global electronics market, where technologies are developing at a phenomenal pace, we strive to be creative and proactive in our approach to developing new products and services.

3. We attach great importance to individuality.
We promote the synergy of individual wisdom with group know-how to achieve new value and ever higher standards of excellence.

4. We attach great importance to social responsibility.
We are a responsible corporate citizen and strive to be a transparent organization that is responsive to our shareholders, customers, affiliates, government organizations, and the communities in which we conduct business. We also actively participate in environmental conservation efforts and recognize this involvement as a prerequisite to maintaining sustainable growth.

◆Tamura Group Code of Conduct

The Tamura Group Code of Conduct indicates basic policy and typical standards of conduct for each of the 17 principles listed below.

Tamura Group Code of Conduct:

  1. Ensuring Customer Trust and Satisfaction
  2. Acquiring the Trust of All Shareholders and Stakeholders in our Business Activities
  3. Respecting Basic Human Rights
  4. Safe and Healthy Workplace Environment
  5. Free Competition and Fair Trade
  6. Prohibition Against Insider Trading
  7. Prohibition Against Inappropriate Entertainment or Gifts
  8. Prohibition of Inappropriate Transactions with and Inappropriate Political Contributions to Public Bodies
  9. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Regarding Import and Export Controls for Security
10. Creation, Protection and Use of Intellectual Property Rights and Know-How
11. Prohibition of Participation in Antisocial Behavior
12. Prohibition Against Competition or Conflict of Interest
13. Appropriate and Timely Disclosure of Information
14. Appropriate Protection and Handling of Information (Corporate Information, Private Information, etc.)
15. Preservation of Company Assets
16. Respect for the Global Environment
17. Cooperation with the International Community and Co-existence with Local Communities