The Tamura Group is working to maintain and strengthen its compliance and risk management systems in order to ensure compliance with corporate ethics and laws and regulations and address a wide range of management crises appropriately.

Policy for Compliance

In order to perpetuate an enterprise and to continuously respond to stakeholders’ requests, it is necessary for the enterprise to conduct its corporate activities in compliance with laws and regulations and with a high sense of ethics. Based on the “Ethics Compliance Standard” and “the Tamura Group Code of Conduct,” the Tamura Group has prepared the Compliance Handbook and has set the following behavioral criteria to be observed in the course of daily operations, aiming to prevent any and all dishonest and unlawful acts.

 ・Respect of human rights and prohibition of power harassment and sexual harassment
 ・Management of classified information and prohibition of its leakage
 ・Protection and handling of personal data
 ・Prohibition of retention of insider information and transaction based on it
 ・Proper use and protection of the Company's assets and intellectual property
 ・Prohibition of bribery and excessive entertainment/gifts
   ・Prohibition of involvement in anti-social activities
 ・Other risks inherent in each type of work that are identified by division

Internal Reporting System

The internal reporting system has been developed to establish and strengthen the compliance system by accepting consultations/reports on, whether or not organized or individual, suspected illegal or similar acts occurring inside the Tamura Group, aiming to ensure early detection, correction, and prevention of problematic acts. 

◆Ethics Consultation Windows
As contact windows for internal reporting and consultations regarding illegal behaviors, etc., the “Ethics Consultation Windows” have been set up in order to quickly respond to and resolve compliance issues. Everyone including officers, employees, etc. of the Tamura Group can choose an “in-house window” or an “independent window” that functions independently from top management, for reporting or consultation.
In order to mitigate anxiety associated with reporting or consultation, an outside system is used to ensure information confidentiality. Furthermore, protecting the anonymity of persons who make a report or hold consultations and prohibiting unfair treatment are stipulated in the Internal Reporting Regulations.
In FY2022, the number of internal reporting and consultation cases was 9 (6 cases in FY2020, 4 cases in FY2021).
Continued efforts will be made to further disseminate this internal reporting system to ensure that it functions effectively.