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  • Transformers

    In large-scale wind/solar power generation and other facilities, large transformers and reactors, which are key components for voltage conversion and voltage control/noise elimination, respectively, contribute to energy savings and clean energy.

  • Reactor

    The reactors, which are key components of power conditioners and air conditioners for voltage control and noise elimination, contribute to energy savings and clean energy.

  • Vacuum Tube Type Power Supply Transformers
    Vacuum Tube Type Power Supply Transformers

    Various types of audio transformers for tube amplifiers are available.

  • Choke Coil
    Choke Coil

    The coils, which are components for noise elimination and energy efficiency improvement in various electronic devices, contribute to performance enhancement and energy savings in electronic devices.

  • Current Sensors
    Current Sensors

    Efficient use of natural energy requires accurate monitoring of electric current in devices. The enhanced product lineup (wide range of current and accuracy) contributes to energy savings, generation, and storage.

  • Power Module
    Power Module

    High-efficiency DC converter functions are packaged. High-performance power supply (high efficiency, low standby power, low noise, and small size) can be easily designed to meet customers' demand.

  • AC Adaptors
    AC Adaptors

    AC adaptors supply stable power to optical network units (ONUs). Resistant to exogenous noise, such as thunder, they support communication lifelines, such as the Internet

  • Piezo Products
    Piezo Products

    Piezoelectric transformers utilize the resonance of piezoelectric ceramics to efficiently generate high voltage for laser printing, contributing to energy savings.