• The NTX Audio Mixing Console is a digital mixing console suitable for live broadcasting and program recording mainly on the X CORE that performs audio routing and audio signal processing.

    The X CORE has a MEDIA port that supports ST2110-30, AES67, and ST2022-7 standards, being compatible with IP-based next-generation broadcast systems.

    Various adjustment knobs and switches are arranged on the console, realizing stress-free operability. It is a flagship model that implements various functions to enhance the efficiency of producing programs.
  • NTX


  • Original technologies: Latest technologies

    (1) X CORE and IO FRAME are connected by the IP-based protocol and are compatible
         with the AoIP standard.

    (2) X CORE adopts high-performance audio signal processing with a unique hybrid system
         of DSP and FPGA. It realizes reduction in rack space and low power consumption
         through high-density mounting.

    (3) A newly developed signal processing algorithm and high-precision 64-bit floating point
         arithmetic improve the sound quality in the audio processing, such as equalizer and

    Operational safety: High safety

    (1) Duplication of the power supply for all units in the system
    (2) Duplication of the transmission paths within the system
    (3) Duplication of the IO FRAME interface card and the internal audio system, ensuring a
         high level of safety.

    (4) Microphone input achieves headroom 36 dB, enabling construction of a system
         resistant to sudden excessive input.

    (5) The audio signal processing part and the audio routing part are configured based on
         firmware, realizing high stability.

    Usability: Excellent operability

    (1)Each channel has ten encoders (NTX800) or six encoders (NTX600). The equipment
         consists of two encoders, an HA/Trim control encoder and a Pan control encoder, and
         eight(NTX800) or four (NTX600) function switching encoders, realizing intuitive
         operability like an analog console.

    (2) Channel and bus parameters can also be manipulated in the center section. A
         touchscreen panel and encoders allow all parameters to be manipulated without
         leaving the center section.

    (3) It is equipped with a full-color LCD display which can clearly show channel names and
         corresponding parameter
         values. Excellent visibility is achieved by using both numerical values and visual graphs
         for setting the parameters.

    (4) Center section operations, such as input matrix switching, meter settings, and monitor
         control, are also possible in the input section. When a large-scale system is being built
         or multiple operators are working, the necessary operations can be performed in every
         part of the console.

    (5) It supports a free layout allowing free assignment of input channels and various
         master faders. Free layout is possible regardless of channel types.

  • NTX


Supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum fader number 120ch
Bank/Layer 6Bank/2Layer
Number of fader groups 64Group
DSP maximum processing number 1024ch
DSP maximum processing bit number 64Bit
Sampling frequency 48kHz/96kHz
Sync signal input AES3id/WORD
PTPv2(when ST-2110 is connected)
Transmission frequency
20 - 20 kHz (Fs = 48 kHz)
20 - 40 kHz (Fs = 96 kHz)
X CORE lines Maximum 4,096 ch (input)
Maximum 4,096 ch (output)
Transmission frequency
20 - 20 kHz (Fs = 48 kHz)
20 - 40 kHz (Fs = 96 kHz)
Digital audio signal AES3id compliant
1Vp-p (75Ω unbalanced)
Input: 16 to 24 Bit
Output: 24 Bit
Input/output level: -18/-20 dBFs
MIC input level -64 to +10 dBu
HA headroom 30/36 dB
LINE input/output level 0 / +4 dBu


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