Wireless Monitoring SystemFM70MHz Band Output 10 mW(D Typew)


  • The transmitter mixer can change transmitter frequency and turn it on and off by remote control
  • It is possible to use a microphone cable to connect between the transmitter mixer and the transmitter
  • There are two types of transmitters: a long-antenna type designed for a long transmission distance (WTO-0703A) and a portable type designed for mobility (WTP-0705)
  • One frequency is selected from 4 frequencies (74.58MHz / 74.64 / 74.70 / 74.7) for a channel. Up to 3 frequencies can be used in the same area
  • Focusing on stability, a transmission output of 10 mW (0.01 W) is designed even with a small power, achieving high-quality sound with a frequency response of 100 Hz to 7 kHz
Wireless Monitoring System FM70MHz Band Output 10 mW example channel scan function

Transmitter WTP-0705


Rf Power Output 10mW
The Number of Channels 4 channels PLL type
Input -60/-20/+4dBm(600Ω)
Structure Portable size
Power Source DC1.5V (AA alkaline)
Available Time More than 10hours (1AAalkaline)
Environment -10℃ to +50℃
Weight 100g(Includingbattery)
Size W:60×H:80×D:19(mm) except protuberance

Transmitter WTO-0703A


Rf power output 10mW
The Number of Channels 4Channels PLL Type
Input -60/-20/+4dBm(600Ω)
Structure Wall-mounting and microphone stand mounting system
Power Source
DC10V(supplied by WFF-0720) DC7~15V(External Power) More than 18 hours(AA alkaline×2)
Environment -10℃ to +50℃
Weight 680g (Including batteries)
寸法 W:105×H:130×D:35(mm) except protuberance

Transmitter mixer WFF-0711A


Input LINE×2MIC×1(600Ω)
Output LINE×1(TransformerBalanced)
Channel Change Remote Control,4 Channels
Frequency Characteristic 100Hz to 10kHz
Environment -10℃ to +50℃
Power Source AC100V/DC12V

Receiver WRP-0705


Receive Sensitivity Less than 2μV (SINAD12)
Type of Reception Space Diversity
The Number of Channels 4 Channels PLL type
Structure Portable size
Power Source DC1.5VV (AA alkaline)
Available Time More than 18 Hours
Environment -10℃ to +50℃
Wight 約100g (Including Battery)