CSR at Tamura Group

We believe that the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the Tamura Group is to achieve the Tamura Group Mission through our business activities. To this end, we are actively promoting CSR, as we recognize the importance of each and every employee understanding the concept and acting accordingly.

CSR Promotion System

The CSR Promotion System was established under the leadership of the CSR Management Committee, the aim of which was to promote CSR chiefly in the six areas of compliance and corporate ethics, risk management, information management, human rights and labor, environment and quality, and social contribution. Of these six areas, whereas activities related to compliance and corporate ethics had been carried out by an independent organization, the compliance promotion function was integrated into the CSR Promotion System in April 2016, which was then restructured as a new system. The Compliance Committee was integrated into the existing CSR Management Committee and the Compliance Consultation Committee, into the existing CSR Promotion Committee. Further, a Special Committee has been newly set up within the CSR Management Committee to deal with serious compliance problems.

CSR Promotion System(as of April 1, 2018)

Participation in UN Global Compact
画像The Tamura Group announced its support for the UN Global Compact's ten principles and became a member in September 2008. Our commitment to the ten principles concerning the protection of human rights, elimination of forced and compulsory labor, support for environment, and working against corruption, is reflected in the Tamura Group Code of Conduct, with which we carry on our activities. 

Please see here for our efforts on UN Global Compact

Meeting ISO 26000 Standards
We ensure consistency between the Tamura Group Code of Conduct and the “related actions and/or expectations” as defined in ISO26000. In March 2014, the Tamura Group revised its Code of Conduct to stipulate the Group's fundamental policy of giving due respect to the seven principles stated in ISO 26000, which provides Guidance on Social Responsibility, and pursuing seven core subjects.

Diffusion of CSR

CSR activities involve the resolution of issues that need to be addressed, such as stakeholders' demands, in daily business operations, while adhering to corporate ethics, laws, and regulations.

Compliance education
To realize CSR management, it is essential to enhance the awareness and sensitivity of not only the management but also each and every employee. Therefore, we identify compliance education as an important means of achieving that purpose. In FY2017, we started a program of training in small groups at our overseas bases using English and Chinese teaching materials in which familiar work-related examples are introduced as case studies. Aiming to facilitate the understanding of compliance and to reduce risks, we will continue to actively promote the program.

▲ Training materials for the overseas bases (English/Chinese)

<Voice of training instructor>

Tamura Corporation of Hong Kong Limited
Cherry Yuen

As the training subject was associated with actual work, all the participants could understand the details and it was a good opportunity to reconfirm the appropriate conduct to be taken. Furthermore, dialogue through active discussion fostered mutual understanding among employees, enhancing solidarity as a team.

Major Compliance education programs implemented in FY2017

・ Discussion-based training in small groups using training materials
・ Issuance of an e-mail magazine twice a month, in which familiar news, case studies, etc.
  of compliance violations are explained in an easy-to-understand manner
・ Group training on cartel prevention, the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds,
  Etc. to Subcontractors, the Unfair Competition Act, and information management

Dissemination of the internal reporting system
In 2016, the in-house reporting service was renamed the “Ethics Consultation Window”, which now not only deals with reports on illegal acts, etc., but also focuses on consultation. In addition to the contact point manned by fellow employees, an “independent window” where reports can be made directly to the auditor or an outside director has been established to increase the effectiveness of the internal reporting system. During FY2017, with the aim of deepening the understanding of reports & consultations as well as the protection of whistle blowers, efforts were made to disseminate the system by implementing training courses and displaying posters. The number of incidents of in-house reporting & consultations was 13 cases, which was an increase of 6 cases over FY2016. We will continue with the dissemination so that the internal reporting system can function in an effective manner.

Release of "CSR Information Site"
It is important that every employee and director understand CSR and implement it correctly. As an information source to understand the CSR activities of the Tamura Group, the “CSR Information Site” was initiated on the corporate network in 2011 and has been utilized in introductory education on CSR. In FY2014, CSR-related risk issues that are or may be encountered in the course of daily business operations were identified, and the “CSR Information Site-Practical Exercises” was prepared in the Q&A form and released company-wide.

External evaluations

◆Companies' Environmental Management Survey conducted by Nikkei Inc.
The “Environmental Management Survey” evaluates companies and presents their ranking from the standpoint of how they satisfy both environmental initiatives and improvement of management efficiency and how they are working on the internal environmental management promotion system, global warming measures, resource circulation, and so on.
Tamura Corporation was ranked 128th among 395 manufacturers in FY2017 (349th in FY2010, 229th in FY2011, 209th in FY2012, 212th in FY2013, 181st in FY2014, 185th in FY2015 and 194th in FY2016). The Company’s efforts in environmental management have been highly evaluated, leading to a great improvement in the ranking.

◆CSR Company Ranking sponsored by Toyo Keizai Inc.

The “CSR Company Ranking” helps find “reliable companies” based on CSR initiatives in the fields of use of human resources, environment, corporate governance, and corporate sociality as well as financial data.
It is based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies and Tamura Corporation was ranked 227th of all in FY2017 (296th in FY2009, 265th in FY2010, 231st in FY2011, 220th in FY2012, 297th in FY2013, 246th in FY2014, 244th in FY2015 and 317th in FY2016). The Company’s efforts in CSR have been highly evaluated, leading to a great improvement in the ranking.

◆Listed among the “2018 Outstanding Companies in IT Management” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The Company received an award for being among the “2018 Outstanding Companies in IT Management” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in May 2018 as a corporation that proactively encourages IT use & application for management innovation and improvement in the profitability level & productivity.

Our Initiatives for Issues of Conflict Minerals

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