Digital Wireless Intercom SystemStandard System

  • The Digital Wireless Intercom System is an intercom system for broadcasting, theater, hall, and industry, which utilizes the basic technique of the personal handy phone (PHS), developed as a digital mobile communication technique of the “second generation” cordless telephone system. The coexistence of the simple operability that has most preferentially taken into consideration the basic functions as a wireless intercom and the reliability as professional equipment that has sought the ultimate in what is required therefor based on the achievements cultivated in developing the analog wireless intercom. Further, the radio communication device has fully incorporated the characteristics, such as clear sound quality inherent in digital communication, use of abundant and stable channels, excellent extendibility, etc.

  • Digital Wireless Intercom System Standard System

System example

Digital Wireless Intercom System Standard System System example

System features

  • Radio station license is not required
  • Communication of higher quality than analog system
  • Quick connection
  • Use of optional CS control unit (for long distance) enables extended connection between master unit and slave unit up to 800 m (standard: 150 m)
    When the recommended cable [L-4E5C] is used

System standards

  • 1) Used frequency: 1900 MHz band, 35 waves
  • 2) Communication System: Multi-carrier TDMA-TDD system
  • 3) Antenna power: 10 mW or less
  • 4) Multiplicity: 4
  • 5) Frequency switching: Synthesizer system by quartz control
  • 6) Separation: 300 kHz (600 kHz separation in the same area)
  • 7) Channel switching: MCA (by CS selection)
  • 8) Audio encoding system: 32 kbit/s ADPCM
  • 9) Transmission rate: 384 kbit/s
  • 10) Technical standard conformance: Conformity-certificated product
  • 11) Radio station license: Not required

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Base Station(BS) YFF-1870B


  • Easily connected to wired intercom (2W/4W2 system)
  • Connected to public telephone line
  • PGM input
  • Independent use enabled using microphone/speaker
  • Status display by LCD
  • Up to 4 CS units can be connected
    (Up to 16 CS units can be connected by the optional setting)
  • Rack-mount type EIA=2U, JIS=2J


Structure Rack-mount type
Power supply: AC100V~240V
Input/output Microphone, SP, 2W/4W line, PGM, TEL
Environment -10~+50˚C (excluding display panel (LCD) part)
Weight Approx. 7.0 kg

Cell Station(CS) YRW-1870B


  • Diversity system
  • Compact and easily installed temporarily
  • Operable with one microphone cable (power supplied from BS)


Structure Wall-mounting and microphone stand mounting system
Power supply : DC 24 V (supplied from the main device)
DC 12V (external power supply)
Number of calls Simultaneous calls are possible in 1: 4
Antenna Diversity operation with shared transmission/reception and
integrally structured case
Channel setting: Multi-channel access system
Standards Technical standard conformance has been certificated
Environment -10~+50˚C
Weight Approx. 480g (fittings included)

Personal Station(PS) TWI-P190B


  • Light and compact focused on operability
  • Operate with LR6 AA alkaline×2 or Nickel-hydrogen battery×2
  • Big Volume Mode
    *(Exclusive Headset is required) Please ask us about details
  • Variouskindsofsettinginformationcanberead andwrittenusingthePersonalStationIDsettingPC software.
  • VOX Function (to Reduce Noise in Silence)
  • Isolation Mode (with HS-316CTSW-002)
  • CS by the main front of the switch, ID, can be set such as call group


Structure Compact, light, and drip-proof
Power supply AA alkali cell×2 or Nickel-hydrogen battery×2
Continuous use time 8 hours or more
Call Bidirectional call
Antenna Case-integrated (removal prohibited)
Gain 2.14 dBi or less
Channel setting Multi-channel access system
Standards Technical standard conformance has been certificated
Environment -10~+50˚C
Weight Approx 184g (batteries included)