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  • Soldering Flux

    Soldering flux: For lead-free and low-Silver application, also low-VOC type available

  • Tacky Flux

    Tacky flux for for ball mounting.

  • Flux for solder-coating for lead components

    Water-soluble soldering flux also available.

  • Solder Paste

    We offer not only conventional lead-free solder paste but eco-friendly halogen-free, crack-free flux residue and many others.

  • Solder Paste for Laser Soldering

    Lead-free/halogen-free SAC305 solder paste developed for localised heating.

  • Joint Reinforcement Paste

    As one of the promising next-generation joining materials, SAM series achieves both metal bonding and resin reinforcement at the same time. It's Lead-free, VOC-free and high reliability product.

  • Photo-Imageable Solder Mask

    Photoimageable solder mask for PWB, FPC as well as semiconductor package substrates. White/black solder masks for LED, direct-imaging ink is also avilable.

  • Material for LED

    We also offer material for LED products.

  • OSP

    Our aqueous prefluxes, so-called OSP are eco-friendly, VOC-free and are widely used not only PWBs for SMT but for packaging semiconductors  also.

  • Carbon Paste

    The low-resistance carbon conductive printing paste uses specially refined carbon.



  • Reflow Soldering System
    Reflow Soldering System

    The lead-free reflow soldering system was developed by Tamura FA, and is the first of its kind in the industry. The system has evolved since then and its superior performance has been highly regarded by users around the world.

  • Wave Soldering System
    Wave Soldering System

    Available for selection are the flat linear induction pump (FLIP) type solder bath that has achieved eco-friendly status because of the reduction of the amount of solder used, and the high-durability pump-type solder bath.

  • Point Soldering System
    Point Soldering System

    The inline point dip equipment has achieved mass productivity and energy savings, two properties lacking in existing desktop equipment, and can be freely combined by a modular system to support any production quantity.

  • Spray Fluxer
    Spray Fluxer

    Spray amount is automatically optimized in accordance with substrate width and conveyor speed. Nozzle spray efficiency is optimized to minimize scattering amount and enhance maintainability and eco-friendliness.

  • Other Related Equipments
    Other Related Equipments

    Loaders, unloaders, and other substrate transfer conveyors as well as N2 generators, temperature profile checkers, and other related products are available.