ZEB Leading Owner

Tamura Corporation filed an application for “ZEB Leading Owner,” which is publicly offered by (General Incorporated Association) Sustainable open Innovation Initiative (SII), and was officially registered in 2018.

A ZEB Leading Owner is an owner of an advanced building who publicly discloses its ZEB penetration targets, ZEB introduction schedule, and ZEB implementation results. The owners of registered buildings are expected to provide information regarding their ZEB-related activities and their mid- to long-term plans and targets for ZEB introduction.
The Sakado Factory office building was renovated as a “Nearly ZEB” building that achieved net energy saving of 75% or more in the total amount of energy consumed by the building and energy supplied by energy creation. The improved building was completed in August 2018.
The energy-saving rate through energy creation by means of solar power generation reached 98.4% in FY2022, and "Nearly ZEB"(net energy-saving rate of 75% or higher) was achieved.
By providing information regarding our ZEB-related activities, we will continue efforts to contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society.

【Details of efforts to attain ZEB】
・Use of high-performance heat-insulating material and sashes
・ Introduction of high-efficiency, business-use, and multi-type air-conditioners, total heat exchangers, and auto-dimming LEDs
・ Energy generation with solar panels, whose operation adopts BEMS for energy saving