• NT880 is a digital mixing console for a live broadcasting / production studio, which can construct a large-scale system by using a ROUTER (10,240 x 10,240) and a DSP CORE with up to 1,024-channel sound signal processing.

    This is a flagship model provided by TAMURA, which achieves the stress-free operability through many adjustment knobs and switches on the operation panel and the efficiency of program setting through the program production support function.



Excellent operability

  • Two parameter operation methods

    Two methods are available for channel parameter operation, namely, the center-assign method, which assigns channels on a panel at a single location, and the channel-based method, which performs the operation for each channel as in the case of an analog console. When you want to concentrate on a single channel sound, the center-assign method is most suitable because it allows you to operate all parameters at once. On the other hand, the channel-based method is convenient when urgency is required, for example, during live broadcasting, because it allows the engineer to operate multiple channels at the same time. These two operation methods are suitable for different situations. NT880 allows operation using either method so that both methods can be selected in accordance with the situation and the level of expertise of a mixing engineer. For the channel-based method in particular, high operability for a quick response to the situation that changes moment by moment is achieved by placing 14 encoders per channel in order to minimize the function switching operation.

  • NT880 DIGITAL AUDIO MIXING CONSOLE 卓越した操作性 二つのパラメータ操作方式
  • Channel layout editing functions

    “Add new channels,” “delete channels no longer in use,” or “add a new microphone channel to existing active  channels because another microphone has been added.” As in the case of these examples, it will be ideal if you can flexibly change the channel layout in accordance with the situation instead of having a channel layout that is fixed once it is set. To enable such an operation, NT880 is provided with sophisticated channel layout editing functions (such as channel addition, deletion, copying, and cut and insert) on the touch panel. This feature intuitively and instantaneously enables mixing engineers to set up an ideal channel layout.

  • NT880 DIGITAL AUDIO MIXING CONSOLE 卓越した操作性 チャンネルレイアウト編集

Expandable to large-scale systems

  • Number of physical faders

    NT880 can be configured with up to 150 physical faders. Two or more consoles in different cabinets can be  operated as a single console system as long as the number of installed faders is within the maximum number of faders. (*1)

    Operator-specific section concept

    When two or more engineers vperform mixing operations at the same time, other engineers’ work can be interrupted or their specific settings may be lost if one engineer needs to perform an operation that affects the entire console. To prevent such inconveniences, TAMURA has introduced the section concept. A‘section’ specifies the operation range of one engineer. The extent of the effect from one operatio is confined to the designated section only. A mixing engineer can also set Pre-Fader Listen (PFL) and After-Fader Listen (AFL) solo functions independently for each section. Therefore, engineers are provided with conditions under which they appear to be working on separate console systems. One console system can be divided into a maximum of four sections.


High-performance processor

NT880 has a control system that is built on the assumption of simultaneous operations by two or more engineers. Even if there is a simultaneously imposed workload of four engineers, there is no delay in the response time of the operation panel displays or the adjustments made for audio.

(*1) There are cases in which restrictions apply to the installation position, distance, and other factors.



Supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum number of physical faders 150 faders
Bank / Layer 6Bank / 2Layer
Number of fader groups 32Group

Audio channels (Fs=48kHz)

Master Bus Maximum 24 buses
(3 surround)
Group Bus Maximum 32 buses
Aux Bus Maximum 48 buses
N-1 / MT Bus Maximum 128 buses
AFL 1 surround
AFL/PFL 3 stereo
PFL 1 stereo
Main Monitor 1 surround+stereo
Sub Monitor 5 channels (Stereo)

Audio control parameters

HA Gain +10dBu~-64dBu
Trim +24dB--24dB
Delay 5000ms or more
Filter Filter1 (HPF/Notch)
Filter2 (LPF/Notch)
Equalizer 4Band
(Support for all frequency bands
Dynamics Compressor 2 channels
Gate/Expander 1channel

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