Environment Management

The Tamura Group has added the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to its environmental policy to work on reducing environmental impact through continuous improvement activities, and aims to contribute to creating a sustainable society.

Integration of Environmental Management System (EMS)
The Tamura Group established a globally unified environmental management system in 2006 and had integrated 28 sites at 19 companies by FY2022, the intent of which was to improve environmental performance and strengthen environmental governance of the Group as a whole.

Implementation Framework
For the management of the EMS, the Tamura Group has set up the “Tamura Group EMS Committee,” which is led by Chairperson and Representative Director, supervised by General Environmental Managing Representative, and comprised of responsible persons from business divisions at each site as committee members. 
The Committee promotes better communication and horizontal execution of matters regarding system operation and is working to improve the environmental performance of the Group as a whole.

■Implementation framework diagram (as of July 1,2023)

ISO14001 Certification of the Tamura Group
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