Choke Coil


Tamura's choke coils being manufactured through the study on unique features of carefully selected magnetic metal materials,under the highest levels of magnetic characteristics and electric designing technology.

Magnetic metal materials provide a high saturation magnetic flux density and good stability for the humidity, which are suitable to make the cores in light weight and miniature size.


Magnetic Materials

Use Specifications Series Data
Smoothing Gap-less amorphous toroidal GLA Series PDF
Gap-less amorphous toroidal GLB Series PDF
Amorphous toroidal NAC Series PDF
Permalloy dust choke coils AHD Series PDF
Active filter Amorphous toroidal NACA Series PDF
Noise filter Common-mode choke coils CM Series PDF
Three-phase Common-mode choke coils ACY Series PDF
Three-phase Common-mode choke coils CMY Series PDF

Base Accessories

Introduction of magnetic materials

Typical elecyrical properties / Environmental test

Request document for Choke Coil Designing