• NT660 is a small sized mixing console, one of the NT series product line, applying the high-speed data transmission protocol TR-LINK.

    This model achieves the best balance between price, functions and intuitive operation, keeping high availability and sophisticated mixing functions of NT880, which is the top-end model of NT series.



Flexible Operation

  • New parameter operation method

    The arrangement of seven encoders on the compact surface allows channel-oriented operation, which is useful in urgent situations such as live broadcast. Also, the equipment uses a new operation method, bay-oriented operation, in order to allow the user to concentrate on controlling one channel in hand. In bay-oriented operation, functions to control channel parameters are incorporated into all the encoders in the same bay as that of the channel. This allows simultaneous access to most of the parameters on a channel. You can freely switch between these two operation methods, instead of configuring initial settings to select either of them. It is possible to select the appropriate method according to the circumstances, which can realize efficient creation of contents. When using all channel parameters, you can perform center assign operation, through which parameters are comprehensively manipulated on the touch panel.

    Touch Panel Surround Panner

    In order to support creation of high-level surround sound, it has been made possible to perform surround panning with the touch panel. You can select mouse mode, which determines the pan position by taking into consideration in what direction and at what distance you drag, in addition to normal mode, in which the exact touched position is specified as the pan position. Also, the use of the Pan Link function allows you to automatically specify the pan position of the R-side microphone according to that of the L-side microphone when using two monaural microphones as a stereo pair. The equipment supports creation of surround sound during a broadcast requiring immediate responses, not simply by replacing a joystick but by allowing comfortable operation


Greatly Enhanced Functions

  • Inheriting Enhanced Functions

    You can use the same sound processing parameters as those of the higher-grade model NT880. Two compressors are used for each individual channel, and algorithms for full-four-band EQ and the like are exactly the same. Also, the equipment has a delay compensation function for multistage bus assignment, allowing creation of detailed sound.

    User Level Setting

    The equipment has the Administrator Lock mode, which limits the range of operation. When an operator who does not understand the entire audio system, such as a director, uses the equipment, this mode can disable, in advance, functions that may lead to fatal erroneous operation.

  • NT660 DIGITAL AUDIO MIXING CONSOLE Greatly Enhanced Functions Inheriting Enhanced Functions User Level Setting
  • Consolidated Control of Bus Outputs

    As the process of content creation is becoming more complicated, the number of bus outputs to be monitored is increasing. In an environment where installation spaces are limited, it may be difficult to arrange external meter units. Therefore, the equipment is capable of simultaneously displaying the meter readings of 80 buses in the bottom of the channel meter. You can always display the output meter readings of buses to be monitored without changing the screen or settings. Since the operator can at any time freely change the buses to be metered, it is possible to build an appropriate metering system according to the circumstances.

  • NT660 DIGITAL AUDIO MIXING CONSOLE Enhanced Function Consolidated Control of Bus Outputs
  • DAW Control Functions

    In order to ensure efficient use of facilities, post-production work is occasionally carried out even in a sub broadcast studio. The equipment is compatible with DAW control functions in order to support post-production work in a sub studio. (Option) Channels for DAW control are not held in the same specific layer, but can be freely placed in any bank and any layer, similarly to normal audio channels. For example, on the same control surface, it is possible to control music tracks with a DAW while operating a narration recording microphone. The equipment also incorporates other functions to support complicated post-production work, such as automation mode control and track arming.

  • NT660 DIGITAL AUDIO MIXING CONSOLE Enhanced Function DAW Control Functions



Supply voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum number of physical faders 20/30/40/50 faders
Bank / Layer 6Bank / 2Layer
Number of fader groups 32Group

Audio channels (Fs=48kHz)

Master Bus Maximum 24 buses
(3 surround)
Group Bus Maximum 32 buses
Aux Bus Maximum 48 buses
N-1 / MT Bus Maximum 128 buses
AFL 1 surround
AFL/PFL 3 stereo
PFL 1 stereo
Main Monitor 1 surround+stereo
Sub Monitor 3 channels (Stereo)

Audio control parameters

HA Gain +10dBu~-64dBu
Trim +24dB~-24dB
Delay 5000ms or more
Filter Filter1 (HPF/Notch)
Filter2 (LPF/Notch)
Equalizer 4Band
(Support for all frequency bands
Dynamics Compressor 2 channels
Gate/Expander 1channel

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