Dual Conveyor N2 Reflow SystemTNV-EMD / EMT Seriess

  • TNV-EMD Single Chamber Series
    • Available in two of the line-up of single-chamber and twin chamber
    • Reduce Production-Space 33% Down!
    • Anything Double! Not only Conveyor,
      All zone-structures Double!(twin chamber only)


  • Ultimate Heat Insulation technology!
    Running more than 100 degree difference Temperature setting each lane!
  • Non-Stop production! Can be change Model even if running another lane.
Two Machines are comvined to One!
Parallel Hoisting Cover Open/Close structure.Improve more easy Maintenance both lane from each side.

For customer to aim All-Purpose Production-Line with Maximum-Output!

  • Possible to run Any kinds of Profile,even if LF-Solder and Glue at the same time,also.
  • Greatly Flexibility! Optimum Output for any Production! Large/Small-Lot,Wide/Narrow Variety!
For customer to aim All-Purpose Production-Line with Maximun-Output!