S23P Family

caraS23P Family

Closed Loop servo current sensors series with 3 models.

- Corresponding Rated Current 100 A
- Improved dV/dT as successor of S23P50/100D15M2
- Series designed with compact pin layout and common board layout.

Series Symbol S23P50/100D15 S23P50/100D15M2 S23P50/100D15M1
Power supply voltage Vcc ±12V ~ ±15V
Turn ration KN 1 : 2000 1 : 1000
Rated output current Io 50mA (If=100A) 100mA (If=100A)
Offset current Iof ≦0.15mA ≦0.30mA
Structure Same structure / Same pattern layout
Remarks Base model Succession model difference of turn ratio
Not Recommended for New Design Improved dV/dT
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