S22P Family

caraS22P Family

Closed Loop servo current sensors with 3 series with 3 models for a total of 9 models. This models are voltage – output type.

- Corresponding Rated Current 6 – 25 A
- Improved magnetic field noise is S22P***S05M2 series with 3 models.
- The S22P***S05, S22P***S05P, S22P***M2 and F01***S05 are all pin-to-pin compatible and interchangeable without PCB change.
- S22P***S05P Series is short lead model : 3.5mm from standoff

Series Symbol S22PxxxS05 S22PxxxS05P S22PxxxS05M2
Power supply voltage Vcc +5V
Rated output voltage Vo Vof +0.625V
Offset voltage Vof 2.5V(Fixed)
Saturation current Ifmax ≧ If * 3
Structure Same structure / Same pattern layout
Remarks Base model Short lead model Succession model
Not Recommended for New Design Improved magnetic field noise
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