L40S D15 Series

caraL40S D15 Series

Suitable for high-voltage PV inverters
High-current and large-aperture series
1500VDC System
UL508, CSA C22.2 No14, EN50178 (CATⅢ, PD2)


32 models with measuring range from 200A to 1500A
Wide measuring current range with Saturation current range from 600A to 2800A
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +105 ℃
Large aperture (Aperture size : 30.5×40.5 mm)
Panel mounting with 2 different connectors available on secondary :
  L40SxxxD15J,CJ : JST/B4B-XH-A-G, Gold-plated terminal connector
  L40SxxxD15M,CM : MOLEX/22-04-1041, Sn-plated terminal connector
    (Gold-plated terminal connecter can be build to order)

yaji1General characteristics

Open loop, Voltage-output type
Bipolar power supply ±15V, Rated output voltage 4V, Offset voltage 0V
Insulation voltages (50 Hz, 1 min):
  L40SxxxD15J, M : 5.4 kV AC
  L40SxxxD15CJ, CM : 7.4 kV AC
Insulation distances:
  L40SxxxD15J, M : Clearance distance 11.0 mm,Creepage distance 12.7mm
  L40SxxxD15CJ, CM : Clearance distance 20.0 mm,Creepage distance 30.5mm

yaji1Standard compliance:

UL 508 (CSA marking)
Using UL94-V0 recognized materials
European Directive : CE marking