L37S Family

caraL37S Family

L37S Series of magnetic proportional current sensor with 4 series x 28 models.

・Primary nominal current ;  50 ~ 600 A *1
・Power supply specifications ; ±15V or +5V
・Two types of connectors according to the application
*1 About L37SxxxD15* Series, product with a primary nominal current of 800A are also available. Please contact us for details.

Series Symbol L37SxxxD15x L37SxxxS05x
Supply voltage Vcc ±15V +5V
Primary nominal current IPN 50~600(800)A 50~600A
Primary current, measuring range
(Saturation current)
IPM 150~1000A 150~900A
Output voltage (at IPN) Vo 4V±0.040V Vof+0.625V±0.015V
Offset voltage Vof 0V±0.020V
(L37S050D15x ; 0V±0.030V)
+2.5V or Vref_in
Remarks - With reference access(Vref_in)
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