L18P Family

caraL18P Family

Linear Open Loop current sensors with 6 series with 10 models and 5 derivations for a total of 60 models.

- 1 series 10 types ; Corresponding Rated Current 3-60 A
- Series designed with compact pin layout and common board layout.
- Each series has common casting bobbin dimension with permalloy magnetic core.

Series Symbol L18Pxxx
Power supply voltage Vcc ±15V +5V +5V +12V
Rated output voltage Vo 4V±0.040V (xxx:003-030) Vof +1.5V±0.045V Vof +0.625V±0.045V Vof +1.5V±0.045V
Offset voltage Vof 0V±0.040V (3~30A) Vcc/2
2.5V±0.035V 2.5V±0.035V
Saturation current Ifmax ≧ If * 3 ≧ If * 1.5 ≧ If * 3 ≧ If * 1.25
Structure Same structure / Same pattern layout
Remarks Base model
EOL announced
Not available for new design
Succession model Anti-Sulfurated
(Resistor:General purpose)
dV/dt improvement type
Vof fixed Vof fixed
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Note ; Saturation current of L18P series indicates an output with a greater than ±10% deviation from the theoretical output value.


Q. Can the current flow be more than the saturation current value?
A. It will not immediately brake even if the flow current is more then the saturation current value.

Q.  Can I use a coil / AC ?
A. Yes. However using high frequency generates heat by iron loss so must be checked on the actually machine.

Q. For creepage distance / clearance distance between primary and secondary.
A. Coil type ; Creepage distance and clearance distance is minimum 9.2mm.
      Busbar type ; Creepage distance is minimum 9.2mm, and clearance distance is minimum 7.9mm.

Q.  Failure rate / MTBF of L18P***D15
A. Failure rate : 496.4FIT/MTBF : 2014.4 khrs

(Calculation conditions : MIL-HDBK-217F Method of number of components, Environmental Conditions : GB)

Q. Output Impedance
A. A. Output circuit of L18P***D15-OP (as an example )is as followed. 51Ω resistor are connected in series to the output terminal of the internal product, the output voltage will slightly change by an external load resistor. Product specifications are the charactersics of the load resistance of 10kΩ