L08P Family

caraL08P Family

Linear Open Loop current sensors with 2 series and a total of 11 models.

- Corresponding Rated Current 50-500A
- Improved saturation current as a successor model of L08PxxxD15W/IPV series,
- Replacement of top model is possible with out changing in PCB pin pattern. Note: Case structures slightly differ in size.

Series Symbol L08PxxxD15 L08PxxxD15IPV/W/IPVW
Primary norminal current If 50~200A 50~500A
Saturation current Ifmax 150~450A 150~600A
Power supply voltage Vcc ±15V
Offset voltage Vof 0V±0.030V
Rated output voltage Vo 4V±0.040V
Structure Aperture’s size Φ16
CN- 5pin (1pin is NC) CN- 4pin (Non NC pin)
Remarks Base model Succession model
EOL announced
Not available for new design
Improved saturation current
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