L07P Family

caraL07P Family

Series of magnetic proportional current sensor with 3 seriesx7models including 2 derivation , 21 models.

- 7 models in 1 series with Corresponding Rated Current 3-30 A
- Compatible design with 2 circuits
- Series designed with compact pin layout and common board layout.
- Each series has common casting bobbin dimension with permalloy magnetic core.

Series Symbol L07PxxxD15 L07PxxxD15S L07PxxxS05
Power supply voltage Vcc ±15V +5V
Rated output voltage Vo 4V±0.060V Vof +1.25V±0.040V
Offset voltage Vof 0V±0.060V Vcc/2 ±0.040V
Saturation current Ifmax ≧ If * 3 ≧ If * 1.5
Structure Same structure / Same pattern layout
Remarks Base model Anti-Sulfurated Vof ratiometric
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