F01/02/03 Family

caraF01/02/03 Family

Introducing Tamura Flux-gate Series Current Sensors: with 6 series x 4models including 2 derivation , 24 models.

F01P/F02P/F03P***S05 – 6A/15A/25A/50A rated current
- standard flux-gate model
F01P/F02P/F03P***S05L – 6A/15A/25A/50A rated current
- compact-design with internal

anti-surge current enhancement model. All ‘L’ models are pin-to-pin compatible with the standard models to maintain common PCB lay-out.

Series Symbol F01PxxxS05 F01PxxxS05L F02PxxxS05 F02PxxxS05L F03PxxxS05 F03PxxxS05L
Power supply voltage Vcc +5V
Rated output voltage Vo +2.5V ±0.625V +2.5V or Vref_in ±0.625V
Offset voltage Vof +2.5V +2.5V or Vref_in
Saturation current Ipmax ≧ If * 3
Reference access No Yes
Anti – Surge current - Up - Up - Up
Number of primary busbar 3pcs 4pcs
Creepage distance and clearance distance 7.7mm 7.5mm 8.2mm
Remarks EOL announced EOL announced EOL announced
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Q. Function of Voltage Reference Input / Output.
A. The F02P/F03P standard and enhanced product have an internally generated 2.5V reference voltage output. The voltage reference terminal is designated Vref(IN&OUT). The reference voltage can be used as a reference voltage output or a voltage reference input by applying an externally generated voltage reference to the terminal. The terminal can be left unconnected if voltage reference is not required. The function will then be similar to the F01P series.

Ip= 0A …Vo=2.500V (=2.5V+0A×Sensitivity12.5mV/A)
Ip=50A …Vo=3.125V (=2.5V+50A×Sensitivity12.5mV/A)

In the case of example F02P050S05
At Vref=Open and Ip=50A, Vo=3.125V(=2.5V+50A×Sensitivity12.5mV/A) *Ref-OUT mode
At Vref=0V and Ip=50A, Vo=0.625V(=0V+50A×Sensitivity12.5mV/A) *Ref-IN mode
At Vref=4V, Ip=50A, Vo=4.625V(=4V+50A×Sensitivity12.5mV/A) *Ref-IN mode

Q. Recommended Output Circuit
A. Tamura does not specify recommended output circuit. However due to the 450kHz output voltage ripple an external capacitor may be necessary.

Q. Current Rating – Considering Primary Ampere-Turns
A. A. Please consider with magneto motive force in AT (ampere-turns) when determining sensor ratings when using series wiring. (Schematic drawing If/3,If/2)
The sensor is designed such that the reference rating for the rated current is If (A) x 1 turn primary conductor (=magneto motive force ).
Example for If = 50A
1. 50Ax1T 2. 25Ax2T 3. 16.67Ax3T will all result in 50AT and hence an output voltage of Vo = 3.125V.
Based on If= 50A reference rating when using 3AT primary conductor configuration for 50A products please insure rated current at If/3 = 16.67A.