F26P Family

caraF26P Family

F26P Series of Fluxgate system current sensor with 7 models in 3 series.

・Primary nominal current ;  50 ~ 150 A
・Power supply specifications ;  +5V or +12 V
・With reference access(Ref_in / Ref_out), * F26P150S12 has only Vref (OUT) function
・PCB mounting design
・ Model number suffix A; Output voltage waveform distortion improvement model

Series Symbol F26PxxxS05 F26PxxxS05A F26PxxxS12
Supply voltage Vcc +5V +12V
Primary nominal current IPN 50~150A 150A
Primary current, measuring range
(Saturation current)
IPM 150~230A 450A
Output voltage (at IPN) Vo +2.5V or Vref_in ±0.625V +2.5V ±0.625V
Offset voltage Vof +2.5V or Vref_in +2.5V
Ambient operating
Ta -40 ~ +85℃
Structure Dimensions and pin assignments are the same
Aperture’s size : □20.5×11 mm
Remarks Base model Output voltage waveform distortion
improvement model
Wide type of measuring range
Vref(OUT) only
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