Changine Energy Saving Structure for Old ModelsEco-ni-change

  • Eco-Ni-Change
    • Suggestions that lead to energy saving by improving the thermal insulation performance of Tamura' reflow.


  • Power consumption can be reduced by 13% due to high thermal resistance value and proprietary application of heat insulation material.
  • By suppressing room heating effects with reduction in temperature of system’s outer casing, air conditioning cost reduction can be also expected.

Reflow cross-section drawing (image)

  • Reflow cross-section drawing (image)
  • Temperature changes in each part Before installation After installation Temperature difference
    1 Upper frame 44.9℃ 37.6℃ -7.3℃
    2 Side top hood 40.4℃ 35.0℃ -5.4℃
    3 Inside the control box 41.3℃ 35.2℃ -6.1℃

    By installing the high-density insulation material, the inside of the system’s furnace casing is thermally insulated, reducing heat dissipation to the environment.

    • TNP25-538EM system was measured in our plant. The room temperature in the plant was set to approximately 22.5°C and measurement was conducted after 6 hours of consecutive system operation
    • Some models are not supported. For details, please ask the sales stuff at each of our offices.
    • Temperature changes may vary depending on the installation conditions of each customer.