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  • Installed solar power generation equipment using the on-site PPA model at Tamura Corporation's Sakado Plant

Installed solar power generation equipment using the on-site PPA model*1at Tamura Corporation's Sakado Plant.


As part of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated by our business activities, Tamura Corporation (President: Masahiro Asada) introduced the first solar power generation equipment using the on-site PPA model at our Sakado Plant, which is located in Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture.*2

The solar power installation capacity is 310.50kW, and we expect to achieve self-consumption of 280,000 kWh in the first year. This is expected to reduce CO2 emissions from electricity used at the Sakado Plant by approximately 5%. Additionally, some of the installed PCS (power conditioners) are equipped with an independent operation function. Even in the event of a system power outage, etc., the system can supply emergency outlets with electricity that was generated from solar power during sunny periods.

The Group will continue to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the realization of a carbon-free society.


・PPA Business Operator: Chuden Looop Solar Co., Ltd.
・Solar panel installation capacity: 310.50kW
・Estimated annual CO2 reduction amount: Approx. 120 tons
・Installation date January 18, 2022

*1 PPA is an acronym for "Power Purchase Agreement." This is a contract form in which electricity consumers purchase renewable electricity directly from PPA business operators. In the on-site PPA model, power generation equipment is installed in spaces such as rooftops owned by electricity consumers.

*2 This project implements a scheme using the "FY2020 Subsidy for CO2 Emission Control Measures (Transition to Renewable Energy as Regional Main Power Source Through On-Site PPA, Etc., for Realizing a Green Society (Price Reduction Promotion Project for Solar Power Generation Equipment, Etc., to Achieve Storage Parity)," which is run by the Ministry of the Environment.

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