N2 Wave Soldering SystemTEW Series

  • TEW Series
    • Energy-saving N2 wave soldering system
    • Compact design
    • Improved productivity


  • Compact (smaller than current air equipment), maintainability has improved.
  • Energy saving with reinforced heat insulation of pre-heater units.
  • Energy saving with selective pre-heater method.
  • 1.7m powerful far infraed pre-heater
  • Titanium solder bath performs energy saving by dual wall heat insulation.
  • Wave nozzle is made by Titanium against erosion.
  • High reliability special heat resistant resin finger claws



    • Inlet insert chain is synchronized with main conveyor drive.
    • Claw washer, it is possible to choose IPA circulation.
    • Selective pre-heater is possible to support energy saving for small size PCB.
    • Overheat detector for solder bath is built in.
    • Solder shortage detector is built in.
    • Inner solder bath leakage detect function is built in.
    • Fume collection provide cooling and fume filtering.
    • Variable conveyor angle by 4-5 degrees
    • Nitrogen supply control unit(including oxygen analyzer)
    • Outlet belt conveyor

    • Automatic width control
    • Claw washer liquid shortage detection
    • Intermittent solder flow
    • PCB warp prevention on solder bath
    • Automatic solder bar feeder
    • Automatic wire solder feeder
    • 3-color signal tower
    • Outlet chain conveyor
    • Cooling fan at Outlet belt conveyor block
    • Air mixing

Specifications for equipment

TEW33-32NT TEW40-32NT
Applicable boards MAX. W330×L400×t1.6(mm)
M I N. W 50×L120×t0.6(mm)
MAX. W400×L450×t1.6(mm)
M I N. W 50×L120×t0.6(mm)
Component height Upper MAX. 75mm or lower
Lower MAX. 6mm or lower
Upper MAX. 75mm or lower
Lower MAX. 6mm or lower
Power source AC200V±10%-50/60Hz-3φ 29kVA 84A AC200V±10%-50/60Hz-3φ 32kVA 92A
Conveyor angle 4 ~ 5° 4 ~ 5°
Dimensions of machine W1420×L5350※1×H1690※2(mm) W1420×L5350※1×H1690(mm)※2
Weight Approx. 1600kg Approx. 1600kg
Solding capacit(SN100%) Approx. 490kg Approx. 490kg
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please acknowledge it beforehand.
  • ※1Except inlet and outlet sprockets
  • ※2Except Exhaust Duct, Signal Tower and LCD Monitor