Not Recommended for New Design and EOL announced 

It is not recommended to use any devices listed on this page for new designs.
Because there are better or more economical alternatives, or because demand for the part is decreasing.
If there is an alternative in our products, we have described the model number.

Model Number Alternative Model Number
S22PxxxS05 series S22PxxxS05M2 series
LA01P170S05 (Only this model number.) LA04P170S05
L18PxxxD15 series L18PxxxD15-OP series
L18PxxxD15AHV series
L03SxxxD15 series L37SxxxD15M series
L03SxxxD15WM series L37SxxxD15M series
L03SxxxD15WJ series L37SxxxD15J series
F01PxxxS05 series F01PxxxS05L series
F02PxxxS05 series F02PxxxS05L series
F03PxxxS05 series F03PxxxS05L series
S25PxxxD15x -
S26P200D15Y -
SL18PxxxD15 series L18PxxxD15AHV series
L08PxxxD15 series L08PxxxD15IPV/W series