L34SxxxD15 Series

caraL34SxxxD15 Series

Large aperture, Suitable for high power of general purpose inverte
Introduction of L34S family

yaji1Product Lineup

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Series Types Primary norminal current Saturation current *2 Spec sheet Buy *1 Inquiry
L34S200D15 200A ±600A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S300D15 300A ±900A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S400D15 400A ±1200A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S500D15 500A ±1500A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S600D15 600A ±1800A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S800D15 800A ±2400A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S1T0D15 1000A ±2500A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S1T2D15 1200A ±2500A icon_pdf 118420b
L34S1T5D15 1500A ±2500A icon_pdf 118420b

*2 If the product of 800A or less operate at Vcc = ±12V power supples, measuring range reduced to 2.5 x If.


Large aperture, High current : 1500A (Saturation current : 2500A)
9 standard models, Primary norminal current ; 200 ~ 1500A
Wide electrical current range ( Saturation current 600 ~ 2500A)
Panel mounting, Connector on secondary MOLEX/22-04-1041, Sn-plated terminal connecter
(Gold-plated terminal connecter of product can be build to order)
Aperture’s size : □40.5×40.5mm

yaji1General characteristics

Open loop, Voltage-output type
Bipolar power supply : ±15V, Rated output voltage : 4V, Offset voltage : 0V
Insulation voltage : AC3kV, 50Hz, 1min
Creepage distance : 6.7mm

yaji1Standard compliance:

UL 508 (UR marking)
Using UL94-V0 recognized materials
European Directive : CE marking