L34S Family

caraL34S Family

Linear Open Loop current sensors.

Successor model L34SxxxD15T series: High Temperature Range, For +105°C Use 
The dimensions and pin assignments of connector are the same.

Series Symbol L34SxxxD15 L34SxxxD15T
Primary norminal current IPN 200~1500A
Saturation current IPM 600~2500A
Power supply voltage Vcc ±15V
Offset voltage Vof 0V±0.020V
Rated output voltage Vo 4V±0.040V
Ambient operating
Ta -30~+80℃ -40~+105℃
Structure Same (Dimensions, Pin assignments, Screw hole's position)
Aperture’s size : □40.5×40.5mm
Connector on secondary MOLEX/22-04-1041
(Gold-plated terminal connecter of product can be build to order)
Remarks Base model Succession model
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