L03S Family

caraL03S Family

Linear Open Loop current sensors with 3 series and 2 derivations for a total of 26 models.

Succession model ‘s number:L37SxxxD15x series

- Rated Current 50-800 A. Wider Saturation – 2 connector types – Horizontal connector orientation
- Rated Current 50-600 A – Vertical connector orientation.

Note: Models with wider saturation current should not be attached directly to the bus bar
Maximum dimensions/through hole dimensions of each series are compatible designed.

Series Symbol L03SxxxD15 L03SxxxD15WM L03SxxxD15WJ   L37SxxxD15M L37SxxxD15J
Primary norminal current If 50~600A 50~800A   50~600(800)A
Saturation current Ifmax 150~700A 150~1000A   150~1000A
Power supply voltage Vcc ±15V ±12V ~ ±15V   ±12V ~ ±15V
Rated output voltage Vo 4V±0.040V   4V±0.040V
Offset voltage Vof 0V±0.030V (50A is excluded.)   0V±0.020V
(50A is excluded.)
Insulation voltage Vd AC2.5kV, 50Hz, 1min   AC3.6kV, 50Hz, 1min
Operating temp Ta -20℃~+80℃   -40℃~+85℃
Structure Aperture’s size □10.5×20.5   Aperture’s size□10.4×20.4
Remarks Base model Improved saturation current   Succession model of L03S series
    Improved dV/dT Impulse noise
  UL508, IEC/EN62109-1,IEC/EN61010
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