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We are striving to enhance customer satisfaction by supplying top-quality products based on our proprietary technology.

Quality Efforts in quality improvement Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction


◆Tamura Group Quality Policy
Regarding quality, one of the essential factors for the future growth of the company, based on the Group's renewed conviction that it needs to foster a corporate culture where the quality-first philosophy is a matter of course, it revised its quality policy in January 2021. Under the new quality policy, the Group set “Creating Correct, Quality Products” as its compass in accordance with the “Biltrite Tamura” slogan, which was set forth during the start-up phase and has been handed down to the medium-term management plans. Furthermore, the Group translated what this quality policy means into specific action guidelines (Eight Articles of Manufacturing for production and 10 Rules of Design for development) with the aim of making Tamura's quality culture take root, transcending generations.
Chairperson Tamura delivered a message on the revision of the quality policy at the Group's annual quality promotion convention, and sent posters and explanatory materials in Japanese, English, and Chinese to all the bases in the Group. Moreover, the Group ran an article on this issue in the company newsletter to ensure that all employees are informed and that the revision becomes widespread.

Quality Assurance System
The Tamura Group has established the quality assurance system applicable to each business characteristic of electronic components, electronic chemicals/FA systems, and information equipment in order to respond to all needs of customers in various business fields. Furthermore, the Quality Control Committee holds meetings eight times per year, during which the quality assurance managers from all the Group’s businesses attend and share its quality information to work on preventive measures for quality-related problems.

◆Status of Acquisition of Quality Management System Certification
The Tamura Group has acquired ISO9001 certification at its factories and affiliated companies. ISO9001 is used for daily quality control, quality improvement, and prevention of quality issues. It is the key to our quality management activities that allow us to provide products that satisfy our customers.
To meet the needs of our customers who order products for automobiles, some facilities have also acquired IATF 16949 certification (a quality management system for the automobile industry).

ISO9001 Certification (as of February 16, 2022)

Business Segment
 Certified Registered Business Operators
 Electronic Components  Tamura Corp. Electronic Components Business Sector
 [Sakado Factory]
 Wakayanagi Tamura Corporation
 Aizu Tamura Corporation
 KOHA Co.,Ltd.
 Tamura Corporation of China Limited
 Tamura Electronics (S. Z.) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Electronics (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.
 Tamura Europe Limited [Czech]
 Tamura Power Technologies de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
 Op-Seed Co.,(BD)Ltd.
 Hefei Ecriee-Tamura Electric Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Corporation of Korea
 Earth Tamura Electronic (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.
 Electronic Chemicals / FA System Tamura Corp. Electronic Chemicals & FA System Business Sector
[Iruma Factory, Sayama Factory, Kodama Factory, Nagoya Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office]
 Tamura Chemical Korea Co., Ltd.
 Shanghai Xiangle Tamura Electro-Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Kaken (Dongguan) Ltd.
 Tamura Electronic Material(Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura FA System(Suzhon) Corporation
 Information Equipment
 Tamura Corp. Information Equipment Business Unit
 [Tokyo Factory]

IATF16949 Certification (as of February 16, 2022)

Business Segment
 Certified Registered Business Operators
  Electronic Components  Tamura Electronics (S. Z.) Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Electronics (Hui Zhou) Co., Ltd.
 Hefei Ecriee-Tamura Electric Co., Ltd.
  Electronic Chemicals / FA System  Tamura Corp. Electronic Chemicals & FA System Business Sector [Iruma Factory]
 Shanghai Xiangle Tamura Electro-Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Kaken (Dongguan) Ltd.
 Tamura Chemical Korea Co., Ltd.
 Tamura Elsold GmbH

Efforts in quality improvement

To uphold the policy of “Manufacturing excellent products,” the Tamura Group has been promoting various quality improvement activities to further increase customer satisfaction, while endeavoring to establish the optimal quality management system for each business segment.

◆Quality Training Program
By identifying human resource development, which is essential for quality improvement, as a priority issue, the Tamura Group redeveloped conventional quality-training programs in 2017 and started to implement them sequentially in order to improve employees’ capabilities and enhance the operational level of the company-wide quality management system. In FY2020, faced with an extraordinary environment on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group took thoroughgoing infection prevention measures including making use of remote work online, and carried out a series of programs, such as the Design Review Practice aimed at improving the product design process, a lecture on how to teach work to improve the manufacturing process, basic training for quality enhancement intended for young employees, and a program to help employees obtain QC qualification, as originally scheduled. The Group will continue to promote training and educational programs by job rank or type further, thereby undertaking its quality improvement initiative continuously.

Lecture on how to teach work on September 1, 2020 (with a face shield and a mask)

◆Quality promotion conference
In order to maintain awareness of the need for quality improvement efforts among employees, the Tamura Group has designated October 4 of each year as the “Tamura Group Quality Day”, and annually holds the Tamura Group Quality Promotion Conference around the Quality Day.
In FY2020, part of the conference was held online, participated by a large number of employees from overseas bases, and excellent cases of quality improvement efforts in two divisions were presented. Furthermore, Chairman Tamura shared with the audience the background and objective of the revision of the Group's quality policy, and his vision for fostering Tamura's quality culture.

Efforts to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

◆Supply Chain Management Activities (MAPS* system)
In order to meet the demand of customers to deliver “the necessary goods in the necessary quantities, at the necessary time,” we have introduced the “MAPS System” for the integrated management of key business operations at sales offices and factories, both in Japan and overseas. Assessment index management has been implemented to ensure stability of the activities. At the same time, we have expanded MAPS introduction to the main offices and factories over seas in an attempt to level business operations and strengthen supply chain management.

* MAPS is the name of Tamura Group's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and is the acronym for “Management Accounting Production Sales.

Participation in Exhibitions
Intending to provide products and services that give higher levels of satisfaction, the Tamura Group proactively participates in domestic and overseas exhibitions to strengthen communication with customers. In FY2020, whereas many trade shows were canceled or postponed on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Group participated in newly introduced online exhibitions, attracting a great many visitors as they were not constrained by time or location.


CEATEC 2020 Online

TPCA Show 2020
(Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center)


Inter BEE 2020 Online

Techno-Frontier Virtual Exhibition 2020