EPM Series

EPM series is
A series of energy-saving switching power modules with
  • built-in Switching Transformers
  • controls IC
  • control Circuits and Switching Elements (FET)
High full-load efficiency reduces stand-by power requirements.
Attaching the input noise filter, the input rectifier diode and the output smoothing capacitor externally enables the easy creation of power switching with high-efficiency , low standby power.

  1. Most Suitable for 15W or less applications
  2. Easy to design compact DC/DC due to small number of external components
  3. Potential design evaluation time savings ; EMC, open/short circuit testing, etc.
  4. Enables significant reduction in power consumption of no-load and light load
  5. Unique Tamura design insures significant reduction in "buzz" under light conditions for lower noise level
                                                                         Sample Available

1. Quasi-resonant operations for high efficiency
2. Operations using both frequency reduction and bursts for generation of low-standby power
3. Supports worldwide input and PFC output voltage (Vin: DC110V to 450V)
4. Reinforced insulation between Primary and Secondary (AC3000V guaranteed for one minute)
5. Resin filling is available to reduce audible noise
6. Various built-in protection functions (over-current, over-voltage and over-heating protection)

Standard Compliance
Compliant with required safety standards for information equipment, AV equipment, Industrial equipment and home appliance equipment.


Application Notes (sample)

External Dimensions / Pin Assignment

    *For detailed information on Tamura's Power Module Technology(Hand Book)

Product Line Up

EPM Part No. Output Voltage Rated Load Output Tolerance Output (Single or Multi) External Type RoHS Compliant Data Sheets Insulation (between Pri-Sec)
EPM0310SJ 3.3V 1A ± 5% Single FE19S Y * Reinforced Insulation
EPM0510SJ 5V 1A ±5% FE19S *
EPM1205SJ 12V 0.5A ± 5% FE19S *
EPM1210SJ 12V 1A ±5% FE22S *
EPM1505SJ 15V 0.5A ±5% FE19S *
EPM1510SJ 15V 1A ±5% FE22S *
EPM2405SJ 24V  .5A ±5% FE22S *
EPM120806D 8V 0.05A ±15% Multi FE19D *
12V 0.5A ±10% *
EPM122410D 12V 0.2A ±10% FE22D *
24V 0.1A ±5% *
EPM141626D 13.5V 0.3A ±10% FE22D * Basic Insulation
16V 0.12A ±10% * Basic Insulation
*Data Sheets Coming Soon

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