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Tamura partners with Verivolt to offer mount ready components & modules:

IsoBlock I-FG

Single-Channel FluxGate Current Measuring Module

The compact form factor of the IsoBlock Current-FG module
allows users to setup high-channel density monitoring systems,
making it ideal for deployed and portable systems

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Envoy SC

Single-Channel Hall Effect Current Sensor

Envoy SC-L

Single-Channel Hall Effect Current Sensor

Envoy T

Single-Channel Hall Effect High-Current Sensor

IsoBlock I-FG-1c

Single-Channel FluxGate Current Measuring Module

VIsoBlock I-FG-4c

4-Channel FluxGate Current Measuring Module

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>> F01 / F02 / F03***S05L Series : Current Sensors

  • Anti-Surge Current
  • Closed Loop Fluxgate System
  • Voltage Output Type
  • Suitable for Power Conditioner
  • High Stability
  • Low Temperature Drift
  • Super precision at +105°C and -40°C
  • Insulation voltage : AC4.3kV,50Hz (1min
  • 4 standard models, Primary normal current 6-50A , 24 models in all versions
  • PCB mount , Built-in busbar
Sample Available

Flux-gate Series Current Sensors

- F01P / F02P / F03P***S05
..... 6A,15A,25A,50A rated current (standard flux-gate model)
- F01P / F02P / F03P***S05L
.....6A,15A,25A,50A rated current (compact design with internal model)

Series F01PxxxS05L F02PxxxS05L F03PxxxS05L
Existence of reference access No Yes
Primary Busbar 3 pcs 4 pcs
Clearance Distance
Primary - Secondary
7.7mm 7.5mm 8.2mm

* All "L"models are pin-to-pin compatible with the standard models to maintain common PCB-layout.

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Series Symbol F01P***S05 F02P***S05 F03P***S05
F01P***S05L F02P***S05L F03P***S05L
Power Supply Voltage Vcc + 5V
Rated Output Voltage Vo +2.5V ±0.625V +2.5V or Vref_in ±0.625V
Offset Voltage Vof +2.5V +2.5V or Vref_in
Saturation Current Ipmax ≥If*3
Reference Access No Yes
Anti-Surge Current - Up - Up - Up
Number of
Primary Busbar
3pcs 4 pcs
Creepage distance and
clerance distance
7.7mm 7.5mm 8.2mm
Spec Sheets

General Characteristics
  • Unipolar power supply : +5V
  • Rated Output voltage : Vof +0.625V
  • Offset voltage : +2.5V or Vref_in
  • Insulation voltage : AC4.6kV , 50Hz , 1min (F03P series)
  • Ambient Operating temperature : -40 ~ +105°C
  • Anti-surge current (4kAT, 8/20µS , 1 time)
Standard Compliance
UL 508 (UR Marking)
Using UL94-V0 recognized materials
European Directive : CE marking

>> S29S1T0D24Z : Current Sensor

  • Closed Loop
  • High Current
  • Multi-mount: possibility to vertical or horizontal
  • Current-output , Turn ratio 1:5000
  • Panel Mounting

General Characteristics
  • Maximum current : 2100A (RL ≤ 4Ω), Primary normal current : 1000A
  • Panel Mounting, Connector on secondary (3 types)
S29S1T0D24Z : MOLEX / 39-28-8040 , Sn-plated terminal connector
S29S1T0D24ZM : MOLEX / 38-00-6293 , Sn-plated terminal connector
S29S1T0D24ZJ : JST / BH3P-VH-1, Sn-plated terminal connecotr
  • Aperture's size : ᵠ38.5
  • Bipolar power supply : ±24V , Rated output current : 200mA(@1000A)
  • Secondary coil resistance : 48Ω (@Ta=70°C)
  • Insulation voltage : AC4.0kV , 50Hz , 1min

Standard Compliance
UL 508 (UR marking)
Using UL94-V0 recognized materials
European Directive : CE marking

Spec Sheets
S29S1T0D24Z S29S1T0D24ZM S29S1T0D24ZJ

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